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Embark on a Transformational Journey

You’ve entered a world of profound transformation, expertly guided by Meenaakshi Todi, your trusted Image Consultant at Lumifiee. Meenaakshi’s journey is not just a professional path; it’s a deeply personal voyage, marked by defining moments.
With a remarkable 18-year career spanning diverse domains, Meenaakshi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide in your quest for personal and professional development.
Born in Kolkata on April 27, 1981, Meenakshi Todi’s upbringing in a Maruti distributor joint family nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit. She attended Pratt Memorial School and graduated with a B. Com Honors from Calcutta University in 2004, briefly interning at Modi and Modi, a prestigious CA firm. In January 2004, she married Naveen Todi of the Lux Industry and relocated to Tirupur. All seemed well until 2019, when life took an unexpected turn, and she went through a challenging divorce.

A Journey of Mastery and Impact

In August 2008, she co-founded Zaara Bloom with Trend, a fashion boutique, where her entrepreneurial spirit continued to shine as she battled challenges that came her way with grace and poise. In August 2014, she founded Brainiacs, an Edutainment Hub, where she partnered in nurturing young talents through various workshops.
Her unwavering commitment led to the creation of mega-blockbuster events like “Tirupur’s Got Talent”, “Tirupur’s Ewaste Drive” and “Incredible Lil Champs,” all aimed at bringing out the best in youngsters.

Certified Excellence and Lifelong Learning

Amidst personal challenges and contemplating a divorce in June 2019, Meenaakshi expanded her academic credibility by joining ICBI for Image Management and Soft Skills Training. Her extensive qualifications include certifications from ICBI, India, and Conselle of Image Management-USA, making her an International Image Consultant. She’s also certified in Soft Skills, accredited from NABET board of India and SQA, Scotland.
Her quest for knowledge and personal growth led her to learn and get certified as a CCE coach after learning from prominent mentors, including “Incredible You-Coach to Fortune” from Arfeen Khan University, Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, and other leading trainers from Success Gyan and Success Resource.

The Birth of Lumifiee - A Holistic Approach

Intentional transformation can be both beautiful and rejuvenating. LUMIFIEE, is an image consultancy firm with a holistic approach. LUMIFIEE specializes in high-quality image consulting, soft skills development, brand strategizing, personal and event styling, and much more. Programs focus on the transformation of inner values, mindset, the enhancement of outer image, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and overall personality development.

A Force for Positive Change and Community Involvement

Meenaakshi actively participates in community initiatives like E-waste drives and works with AID Hospice in Kolkata. She co-authored the book “Thirteen Heartfelt Stories” to promote positivity. In January 2022, she founded Shivhans Ventures Private Limited, incorporating Lumifiee. Her dedication to ongoing learning continues with certifications from Landmark and TTT from Jack Canfield.

Unleashing Your Potential

Meenaakshi Jalan Todi’s mission is encapsulated in Lumifiee’s tagline: “Illume Your Image, Illume Your Personality.” Her goal is to help you unlock your untapped potential and become the best version of yourself. With Meenaakshi by your side, your journey towards personal and professional development is guaranteed to be enlightening and transformative.

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– Meenakshi J. Todi

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– By Meenakshi J. Todi

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