Life is a journey, and a life coach is your guiding star in the night sky.

Life Coach

As a Lifestyle Enhancer, at Lumifiee we get you to realise your Life’s purpose in alignment with the roles and goals you have in your life. Life coaching with his synergy represents a shared expedition. Accredited life coaches aid clients in defining objectives, surmounting challenges, and crafting a route to achievement. They extend their expertise in domains such as career progression, interpersonal connections, and self-advancement. Through attentive listening and proficient communication, coaches enable clients to unleash their capabilities, enhance self-assurance, and devise practical strategies. This method offers inspiration, responsibility, and a non-judgmental atmosphere conducive to self-exploration.
Be it your pursuit of professional progress, improved connections, or increased well-being, life coaching emerges as a game-changing collaboration. It paves the way for enduring improvements, steering you through life’s hurdles and steering you toward your aspirations for a more radiant tomorrow.

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– Meenakshi J. Todi

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– Meenakshi J. Todi

Why choose a Life Coach?


Proficient Mentors

Our group of accredited and skilled life coaches comprehends the intricacies of life's obstacles. They offer individualized directions customized to your specific requirements.


Total Wellness Plan

Our life coaching approach is comprehensive, encompassing not just your career and objectives, but also your overall wellness, interpersonal connections, and frame of mind.


Commitment and Encouragement

We provide steadfast assistance and foster a sense of responsibility to help you remain aligned with your objectives and make progress towards attaining them.



Our history of achievements stands as a testament. We've empowered numerous clients to unlock their capabilities and reach success across diverse spheres of life.


Privacy Assurance

Your confidentiality is our highest priority. We offer a secure and discreet environment where you can freely express yourself without concern or judgment.

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