Style is a language that speaks louder than words. Let's make sure your message is clear and compelling.


Image Catalyst

Your personal image carries significant influence over your success, both in your daily life and professional pursuits. It has the power to shape the direction of your achievements. At Lumifiee, we have a profound understanding of the crucial role your image plays in your journey. Our mission is straightforward: we are committed to assisting you in crafting an image that not only radiates sophistication but also authentically reflects your true self.
In a time when making a strong impression is increasingly important, our proficiency in image consulting serves as your passport to open doors of potential. We recognize that a carefully cultivated image extends beyond mere looks; it acts as a reflection of your self-assurance, genuineness, and individual essence.
When you opt for Lumifiee you’re embarking on a journey towards long-lasting success. Meenakshi Todi the coach is wholeheartedly devoted to nurturing your image to align with your aspirations, enabling you to stand out in any situation. Remember, your image is your personal brand, and we are here to assist you in making it truly unforgettable.

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– Meenakshi J. Todi

"Be beautiful inside to be beautiful outside"

– Meenakshi J. Todi

Why Choose for image consultant?


Personal Touch Approach

We craft our services to align seamlessly with your unique preferences, body structure, and personal or professional goals, creating a harmonious and personalized experience just for you.


Radiant Self-Assurance

A thoughtfully cultivated image enhances self-assurance and self-worth, equipping you with the poise needed for job interviews, romantic encounters, or public speaking engagements.


Success Signature

We support professionals in synchronizing their personal identity with their career objectives, ensuring a positive and unforgettable influence within their workplace.


ProWardrobe Mastery

Our consultants create fashionable and adaptable wardrobes that cater to your lifestyle, financial considerations, and fashion tastes, eliminating the 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma.


Time-Saving Solutions

We streamline wardrobe decisions, conserving your time and energy, all while establishing an effective dressing routine.


Positive Persona Shift

Our clients witness profound shifts in their lives, which encompass increased self-esteem, strengthened relationships, and greater career prospects.

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